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Travelling to Kullu

The Kullu valley is easily accessible from Delhi by Volvo AC buses operated by Himachal Pradesh Tourism. These overnight buses, (leaving Delhi in the evening and arriving Manali early morning) can be booked through the HP Tourism website  


Alternatively Kullu can be reached by air. Flights from Delhi to Kullu airport operate daily during the peak season months.


Kullu Altitude

The valley lies at 5,000 – 7,000 ft  (1,524 – 2,133m), some of the passes are up to 15,000ft (4,572m) and the mountain peaks several thousand feet higher.


Seasons are well defined. In the valley, spring is from mid March to the end of May with temperatures around 20°C to 33°C culminating in a hot June. Manali’s monsoon rains arrive in July and August with hot days and thundery showers, subsequently creating unreliable roads and misty views.


Autumn, which is from September to mid November, has clear sunny days, which due to the altitude are warm in the sun with cooler temperatures in the shade and at night. Winter months are from mid November to mid March, when temperatures drop and the snow arrives.


Things to do and see

To get the best out of visit to Kullu it helps to make a trip out of the main valley to visit villages, the temples, apple orchards and cultivation. Either a day trip or a more organized longer trek is recommended.


Zingaro Treks

This is run by Prem Bodh who worked with West Himalayan Holidays with Kranti Singh and Christina Noble for many years and now runs his own trekking company. For more information see


Staying at Prini Ropa  

This is the house that Christina Noble and her family built. Both the house and a new studio are available for rent. Over the years it has attracted many writers and artists who have found it an inspiring place to work and create. The new multi purpose studio adds to the versatility and appeal of the place. For more information see


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